Great Subjects to Paint in Spain

In a place like Spain, I can’t imagine an artist ever being short of inspiration. There is so much to see practically everywhere that a painter can find something new to paint every day. From the architecture to the street life, Spain has something unique to offer and painters can find a variety of subjects to paint.

So if you’re an artist in Spain, or would just like to visit this beautiful country and capture the beauty and culture of it through paint, the following subjects might be enough to spark your creativity.

  • The Breathtaking Nature

Some of the most stunning natural wonders can be found in Spain. Whether you want to make an impressionist art piece of a wild beach or capture the beauty of mountains covered with snow in a realistic style, you’re sure to find your subject of choice in this country. The white sand beaches of Andalusia are some of the most beautiful you’ll see anywhere in the world.

  • The Unique Architecture

Have you ever heard of Antoni Gaudi? This era-defying architect created some of his best architectural wonders in Spain. Barcelona is littered with Gaudi’s amazing sculptural buildings that any painter of architecture will appreciate. The buildings themselves are so surreal that painting them without any extra effort can result in beautiful pieces of art.

  • The Street Life

The highly dynamic street life of Spain gives artists the opportunity to capture some very interesting scenes from the daily life. The streets are flooded with people, food is everywhere, and the markets are colorful. If you’re someone who enjoys painting dynamic scenes with a lot of movement and color, then head to the streets and inspiration will find you itself.


Spain is a country ripe with inspiration for artists. Having produced so many world-renowned artists, it’s no wonder that Spain attracts people from all over every year looking for creative inspiration and opportunity.

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