Some Tips for Landscape Painting

Spain, as we have already established, is a beautiful place for an artist to be in. There is so much inspiration all around you that it may be hard not to make great art. Spanish landscapes make great subjects as well. Blue skies, sunny weather, white beaches, and much more is present to be a subject of your art.

If you happen to visit Spain and would like to paint some amazing landscapes, here are some tips to help you out:

  • Do the Research

Before arriving in Spain, do some research online about the places you’d like to paint. Because once you are there, you probably won’t have enough time to walk around looking for inspiration. You could, of course, do that if that is the kind of style you work in but it’s still good to have done a little bit of knowledge about the places you’re going to visit.

  • Mind the Time

If you like to sit down on location and paint the scene in front of your very eyes, like many painters do, then you need to be very careful of the way light changes through the day. You don’t want the light to completely change while you are painting a scene if you want the painting to be realistic.

  • Take Some Photos

If you don’t have much time to sit down and paint all day but would still like to make some art based on your vacation, you need to take photos. This doesn’t mean that you can get by with photos taken from an old phone. You have to put some time and effort into the photography so that the results you get are as close to realistic as possible. Take photos in HDR, use a software like Aurora HDR ( to carefully edit your photographs and make them look the way you need in order to be able to paint them when you’re back home.



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