Turning Spanish Landscape Photos into Fine Art

Painting a landscape is a very soothing activity, there is no doubt about that. Sitting under the sun, looking out into the vast nature, especially in a place as breathtaking as Spain, and painting what you see before your eyes in your own unique way is one of the most relaxing activities for many landscape painters.  

But not everyone is a painter. There are many people who, despite loving the effect of a painting, cannot paint and get frustrated at this fact. But there are other ways of creating painting-like images too. These obviously cannot compete with the real thing, but fine art photography can be a great way to do justice to Spain’s beauty. 

  • What Makes a Fine Art Photo 

A fine art photo is simply any photo you consider to be art. I know that is a very broad statement, so here is my definition: a fine art photo either has to have a unique theme, a unique subject, a unique style, or a unique concept, and then it needs to have the photographer’s creative intent shining through clearly. You cannot just take a normal photo, put a filter on it and call it a fine art photo. The image has to say something to be a piece of art. 

For the creative aspect of a fine art photo, you will probably need to use any of the best photo editor for Mac or Windows, whichever you prefer, and then creatively decide which aspects of the image you would like to edit.  

  • The Creative Effects to Use 

So, what exactly can you do to turn a landscape into a piece of art? Well first, you need to make sure your framing is spot on. Find out the best time of day to photograph your scene. Make sure the light is right and the place is not crowded. Set up your camera settings properly to reflect the kind of look you wish to achieve. Take the photo in RAW so that you can later experiment with editing without destroying the underlying image.  

Once you have your image, open it up in the photo editor of your choice and then try the following effects: 

  • Black and White: A photo without color instantly gets a more artsy feel to it. The viewer’s eyes are drawn to the subject itself rather than getting confused as to where they should go in the frame.  
  • Soft Details: You can give your photo a more painterly effect by making it soft. Softer details instantly make images look like they weren’t taken with a camera but rather created some other way.  
  • Film Simulations: If you want your images to have a more vintage feel, you can apply an advanced film simulation in conjunction with softening the details. This will make your images stand out more.  
  • Change the Sky: Changing the skies in photos is one of the most famous ways of making them look more creative. You may have the perfect location to shoot and the best light to shoot in, but the sky might be plain and bland or too full and intimidating. That is when you go into something like Photoshop and change the sky with another photo you may have. This can also be used very creatively, as you can change the colors of the new sky and give your photo a totally different mood.  
  • HDR: An HDR photo doesn’t always have to be too natural-looking. You can use an HDR editor to really push images to their limits and completely change how a scene looks. You can make the edges pop out too much, or not enough. You can make the light look natural, or completely unnatural. You can make the colors look dull, or way too saturated. Whatever you decide to do, an HDR photo can be turned into a piece of art in various ways.  

So, if you’re a photographer who would love to play creatively with Spanish landscapes, here are some ways you can give that a try. One of the best things about digital photo editing is that you can experiment with your photos a lot before finalizing what they look like, so grab a RAW editor today if you don’t have one and get creative with your photos.  

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